The Agora setting (Greek for assembly, often on a market square) stimulates us to gather, collaborate in a space of deep listening, respect, humility and engagement to deal with the issues at hand.

A space in which we feel welcome and accepted to be ourselves as we are. Working with open minds and hearts, allowing life to do its job. A place where destiny can be experienced and guide us. I always say, when we meet in our hearts, deeply listen and remain humble we resolve issues more easily, because we share the language of the heart.

We assist in the transformation of our present monetary system and the building of new economic models.
We aim to create a world where we can all provide for our basic needs and do the work we love.
We tackle the issues of Climate Change, income disparity and power imbalance in our world.

We have had gatherings in the USA, Scotland and the Netherlands to explore what building a Care First world means and deal with the issues at hand. All members are invited to organise gatherings and post them on our Events Calendar for others to join.

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