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We invite you to read the works of Louis Bohtlingk available in English and Dutch. They provide us with a solid foundation for creating a Care First world. Many examples of Care First in application are provided by individuals and organisations world wide. We learn more about the transition from Money First to Care First in our personal lives, communities and world. 

The English book Dare to Care (2011) was written in collaboration with Hazel Henderson (Florida, USA), author, independent futurist, and worldwide syndicated columnist.
In 2014 it was read by Paul de Blot, honorary Phd at Nyenerode Business University in the Netherlands, who asked Louis to write about this subject in Dutch.
A new book Care First - geld dienstbaar maken aan het welzijn van de mens en aarde - was released Dec 2015.

The books can be ordered for the Netherlands on and internationally on Amazon and others.

Louis and his wife wife Sandra have worked since 1990 intensively with people's personal relationship to money and the conflicts, fears and pains we all can encounter in our life with money.
Through personal counseling and their transformative workshop Meeting the Mystery of Money people are assisted  to resolve these issues. We are empowered to our create the exchange systems (monetary, complementary or with no currency involved) as we would wish them to work.
Hazel Henderson's work had been with the structure and mechanism's operating our economies and financial worlds. She and Louis exchanged their expreriences and created Dare To Care as an inspirational and practical guidebook to learn to make the shift from Money First to Care First, from a fear based economy to a love- based economy.

It was published by Cosimo, New York Dec 2011 (see press-release) and also printed by Cygnes Books, UK a few month later.
Cygnes Review: "The message of this book could not be more appropriate or timely. He suggests that, by changing the way we think and feel about money, transforming our approach from a money-first to a care-first attitude, we can all help to create a better world in which greed and fear no longer dominate our financial decisions, and caring and compassion become our primary guides when making money-related choices."

The Dutch book was published by Multi Libris, Almere and in a beautiful collaboration with its editor Ineke Hogema, who was deeply touched by the message of Care First. The Foreword was written by Ivo Valkenburg author of Louter Leven.
In the Introduction Paul de Blot writes:
"Care can be viewed to be the primary focus of Life with money as a means of exchange to optimize caring. Louis Bohtlingk expresses this clearly in his title: Care First. Money is not more than a tool to serve our evolutionary proces. Let's base our choices for the future on Care First"

Quoted from the book: "Zorg hoort de primaire doelstelling van het leven te zijn waarbij het geld niet meer dan middel is om als ruilwaarde zorg te optimaliseren. Louis Bohtlingk drukt het duidelijk uit in de titel van dit boek: Care First. Geld is niet meer dan een dienstbaar middel om het evolutieproces mogelijk te maken. Laten we dan ook onze keuzes nu en in de toekomst baseren op Care First."

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