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Building a Care First World

Building a Care First World

Louis Bohtlingk, Cygnus Review, Sept 2012

 Dear Friends,
“What can we do to make a Care First World become reality?" This question was put to me by Ann Napier (founder of Cygnus Review UK) recently. "What can an unemployed single mum, pensioner, teacher, housewife, business owner, any of us do?"

We have worked for at least 15 years with the application of Care First. It started in 1996 in Northern Scotland where Sandra and I ran a small healing centre.  We received an experience of the existence of a spiritual threshold to money.

We saw Care as that threshold and realised that when we let Care lead the way and let money serve Care, we can completely heal our financial world. But when we let money lead the way at the expense of care, of our well-being and values, we are creating the financial unhappiness, instability and unfairness that is so widespread.

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