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Care First als gezamelijke leerschool

Care First als gezamelijke leerschool

A second article (in Dutch only)  in the September edition of The New Financial Magazine "Care First, a learning ground for us all" by Willem Vreeswijk. It is a report of the first Care First Day. held in the Netherlands May 7th 2016 at conference centre The Drakenburg near Baarn.

A beautiful group of speakers and participants were all absorbing the Care First field of warmth, sensitivity, caring, respect and friendship  in this beautiful location. It was a wonderful start which activated the four spaces within which we work: The Agora, School of Care, Care Fund and the Care First Innovation Network ( see Our Activities).

Speakers: Paul de Blot (Business &Spirtuality, Nyenrode Business University), Inge Nuyten ( Servant Leadership), Heidi Leenaarts (United Economy), Willem Vreeswijk (New Financial Forum) with workshops by Robert de Lange  and Minke Tromp.

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