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Walking through the maze

Walking through the maze

Louis Bohtlingk, Cygnus Review, March 2012 

I hold a belief some people may think is inconceivable. I believe that, despite the magnitude of the problems afflicting our financial and economic worlds, we, the people, are fully capable of redesigning and re-making those worlds.

I believe that we each can claim our power and capacity to resolve these issues and work together. I see it as a co-operation between all people: those of us in government, the corporate world, or in whatever job we have or do not have. It is with each other, not against one another.

It is important to face the situation we are in and learn to understand the financial-economic set up we are working with. We shouldn't say that it is too complicated for us to understand and leave it to others (the experts) to resolve it for us.

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