Care Fund

The Care Fund is a space where we explore how to create support for the provision of the basic survival needs of home, food, water, healthcare and an education; to assist everyone share their gifts and make their most meaningful contribution to our world community.

This means that we create financial and economic support systems to do this.  This can be ethical banking, basic income, alternative and complementary currency systems, caring economics, purpose-driven entrepreneurship and many more.

Many members work towards this:
Scott Morris (Ithacash) in New York and Gerhard Zwingler (Sonnezeit) in Austria, who work with complementary currency models. Johannes van Laer and Mark Veltink in the Netherlands develop new economic models for local councils as a part of the Dutch Participation Law (providing financial support towards initiatives who help restore the local economy).

Steven Lovink, Stuart Valentine, Marilyn Levin, Susan Davis Moore and Louis Bohtlingk are collaborating in a Philanthropy4 Life Initiative, to stimulate more gift/investment money to flow towards initiatives building a Care First world. They are co-authoring a book called "Imagining Philanthropy for Life", which will be released beginning 2017 > Read more.

To see our planet as a gift we can share, where everyone has an equal right on their part of the gift.
(Dare To Care - a love based foundation for money and finance)

Money in the light of sharing the Gift can be seen as part a Global Financial Commons.
 Money as a common good: a warm bloodstream we share which supports and feeds us all
and sustains the well-being of our planet and culture.
(Care First - geld dienstbaar maken aan het welzijn van mens en aarde)

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