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Boekrecensie Care First (Dutch)

Boekrecensie Care First (Dutch)

A book review written in Dutch by PhD Paul de Blot, Business Spirituality, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands.
This is a review of Louis Bohtlingk's first Dutch book Care First -  geld dienstbaar maken aan het welzijn van de mens en aarde - (Care First - let money serve the well-being of people and planet). It was placed on the beautiful website.

Paul de Blot read Louis first English book Dare To Care - a love based foundation for money and finance - and asked him to share his vision in the Dutch language. It was published Dec 2015 by Mulitlibris.

Paul writes in the Introduction of the book:
Care can be viewed to be the primary focus of Life with money as a means of exchange to optimize caring. Louis Bohtlingk expresses this clearly in his title: Care First. Money is not more than a tool to serve our evolutionary process. Let's base our choices for the future on Care First.

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