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Towards a Caring Economic Approach

Towards a Caring Economic Approach

A paper by Thera van Osch, a Dutch economist, which was selected by The Scientific Board of Progressive Economy in the European Parliament. It was presented 6th of March 2014 during the Annual Forum of Progressive Economy.

The paper explores a paradigm shift in economic thinking from the ‘homo economicus’ to the ’caring human being’. It reinvents the current economic model that we have, and changes it for a human-centered sustainable economic approach. The paper also reveals how economic life will be with policies based on the model of the economy of care.

Thera started the Global Academy of Caring Economics (GACE), which promotes and develops new economic approaches, which are people-centred and environmentally sound. It also provides a platform for exchange of innovative ideas, studies, knowledge and insights on Caring Economics.

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