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Dare To Care - a love based foundation for money and finance


The English book Dare to Care (2011) was written in collaboration with Hazel Henderson (Florida, USA), author, independent futurist, and worldwide syndicated columnist. 

Louis Bohtlingk and his wife wife Sandra have worked since 1990 intensively with people's personal relationship to money and the conflicts, fears and pains we all can encounter in our life with money. With personal counseling and their transformative workshop Meeting the Mystery of Money people were assisted  to resolve these issues and find an empowered and constructive relationship to how we create the exchange systems (monetary, complementary or with no currency involved) as we would like them to work.

Hazel Henderson's work had been with the structure and mechanism's operating our economies and financial worlds. She and Louis met in the middle and created Dare To Care as an inspirational and practical guidebook to learn to make the shift from Money First to Care First, from a fear based economy to a love- based economy.

It was published by Cosimo, New York Dec 2011 (see press-release) and also printed by Cygnes Books, UK a few month later. Cygnes Review: "The message of this book could not be more appropriate or timely. He suggests that, by changing the way we think and feel about money, transforming our approach from a money-first to a care-first attitude, we can all help to create a better world in which greed and fear no longer dominate our financial decisions, and caring and compassion become our primary guides when making money-related choices."

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