School of Care

The School of Care is a space to transform, transition, find ourselves, learn to apply Care First and make the transition from Money First to Care First.

We create a space for each of us to find who we really are and what we are here to do and to develop our sensitive and intuitive nature and become more familiar with the workings of our heart. We learn about the transition from Money First to Care First in our personal life, community and world.  

This transition can be very difficult at times through our fears and conditioning and also because of the Money First systems and attitudes we meet in our world.

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A 2-3 day intensive Meeting the Mystery of Money where participants explore their relationship to money and empower themselves  to let money become what they wish it to be in their lives.

Sandra and I have had an intuitive healing and counseling practice since 1983. We and are available for individual sessions to assist with life's problems, questions, direction, purpose, relationship, money and much more.

Workshops to develop our sensitive and intuitive perception. We touch base with our sensitive nature, higher self and body awareness. Very practical and grounding.
For one or two days. Week retreats can also be organised.

Many members offer self development and coaching. Search for Teachers and Coaches to find them.
Below are some offerings from members.    

Het Magisch Perspectief (The Magical Perspective) created by Sandra Boer, Melle Gerlofs and Petra Thissen offers a playingfield called De Magische Driehoek (The Magical Triangle) to make the shift towards finding a Care First attitude in life in a simple and effective manner. For more info

Thera van Osch, a Dutch economist wrote an article "The Economy of Care", which was presented to the European Parliament in 2014. Together with the Care First message it created a beautiful foundation for learning how we can build an economy, financial world and culture based on care. For more info

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