In the Care First Innovation Network we innovate the transition from Money First to Care First,
- from the damage done for money's sake towards
 money serving well-being -

It is an international, all generational network in which many sectors of society are represented.
As an organism the network expands naturally because of its validity and the need for it.

In this organism everything is based on relationship, mutual respect, listening, collaboration and service.
New people, organisations and networks join with this attitude.

In this atmosphere we face our challenges together.

       We take actions within four spaces:
* Agora (Conversation – seeking solutions – taking action),

* Care Fund (Support – economic models – money/exchange systems),
* School of Care (Development – education – healing),
* Care First Innovation Network (Connection – cooperation – building a force field).

Our founders Louis and Sandra Bohtlingk  welcome you.

It is our aim to expand the network to 12 million people by 2020.
Is this a turning point for Humanity?

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