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The Care First Innovation Network is international, all generational, representing all sectors in society. Every member shares the intention of creating a Care First world.
We have a Founding Group of 100 members from 12 countries. Age range 11 - 75.

We started to create the Network in April 2013 by using the KINS Innovation network method of Susan Davis Moore. Feb 2015 the founding group was formed after which more individuals and organisations joined. We are now pursuing a vision of 12 million members joining by 2020.

We are experiencing our Platform (on and off line) as a SHIP, all of us together, each with our unique contribution and essence, creating a very powerful force for good.

When you share our intention of creating a Care First world you are welcome to join our network and become a part of our online directory. 

  • Share your activities and work, post your vision and news and meet and connect with other members.
    You can sign up as an individual, organisation or network.

  • When you join you will receive a Welcome Letter with more information about using the platform and how to apply Care First in your personal life, community and world.
  • You can sign up for a monthly newsletter.

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Join Our Newsletter - Today