Care First worldwide

Together we explore how we can spread, integrate and apply the message of Care First worldwide.
 We create a constructive flow of money and finance governed by Care First.
 We care for everything, for the well-being of all people and our beautiful planet.
 We apply this into all areas of our culture, so beautifully described in the design of 12 sections below:
                                                                                                                                                    Picture orginated from Barbara Marx Hubbard at the Foundation of Conscious Evolution:

Money First creates “the harm done for money’s sake” on our planet.
 By applying Care First we reverse this destruction and rebuild our world.

                 The dissemination of the message of Care First into all aspects of our culture worldwide is done with the Vision that any individual, in any position, in any organisation, who grasps Care First and its application, can assist in transforming our financial/economic world and whole culture from the inside out.

                 The power of Care First is similar to the power of the word sustainability as a directive for human behaviour. The understanding of Care First can change any person’s behaviour and attitude very quickly. As soon as they grasp it, which often takes less than 5 min, they can begin to consider its application. Of course there is more to learn, but because it is so simple and practical it has the potential to spread itself quickly over the globe. It is a language and living reality that can be understood by anyone, whatever their level of education.

               We are looking at the possibility of changing the whole system from the inside without the need for the whole system to collapse, before change can occur. All that needs to collapse within the system is every place where “harm is done for money’s sake” through our Money First attitude.

                By understanding Care First/Money First we can transform these aspects in any organisation, government and individual life and create systems and organisations fully based on the practice of Care First and sustainability.


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