Why Join?

In the Care First Innovation Network we can promote one another, share news and build together.The network is a force field where we share the intention of building a Care First World.

We can let other people know about the network. We are aiming to create a voice that can be heard by making our work and collaboration visible. It helps new people to see what Care First can do and how to work with it.
We can share this news with our friends and get everyone engaged who is in resonance with us.

Everyone is welcome to connect and sign up to the network when they share the intention of creating a Care First World. Nothing else is required. From this intention we are setting a tone for ourselves that will slowly transform and clarify our behavior. We can support one another in this. As a part of the network we can organise meetings, take initiatives, do whatever we feel called to do.

The aim of expanding to 12 million members by 2020 is a great inspiration to give us focus, connect with others and build the force field. It helps to shift the consciousness in the real world where Money First has been so powerful and, by its very nature, damaging. It helps to steer Humanity in the right direction.

We invite you to participate, engage and join us and stimulate others to do the same. The books can be very helpful tools. The articles and interviews too and our founders will keep us updated on the developments by monthly video updates and through Care First news of course.
All members are invited to post member articles and news from their profile page.

We are very happy to join forces in our communal effort to create an equitable world and make sure we preserve our planet for generations to come. It is up to us now. We cannot wait for each other. We all need to lead and create the world that lives in our hearts. Peace on Earth is our goal.

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