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The concept of Care First underpins virtually every strategy that the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investment industry offers for socially conscious investors. Care First is broadly applicable and deeply meaningful, while at the same time very simple. The application of the concept of Care First along the spectrum of life decisions is perhaps the most powerful force for good available to mankind. Steve Schueth, financial advisor and organiser of  a yearly gathering for the Socially Responsible Investment Industry USA (SRI in the Rockies).

We constantly have the choice to apply Care First and take care of life on Earth or not. Income differences and a unfair sharing of Earth’s resources continue. Excessive profit seeking in relation to exploiting the Earth’s resources causes a lot of damage to the Earth herself. The catastrophic shift in the fragile balance of the biosphere is a fact. Political will is needed to do something. It is a matter of consciousness. PhD Paul de Blot, Business Spirituality, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands.

When I first heard about Care First from Louis, I was deeply inspired by his vision which is in alignment with WEWorld Network's vision of creating a world that works for all and it starts with Care First for all beings including our Mother Earth.  It's so profound and simple. Imagine what the world would be like if each individual just comes from Care First in everything we do, how we handle challenges and differences and manage our relationships.  Our world today would be a very different one. Dr. Annie Lim, Founder & CEO, WEWorld Network (Women Entrepreneurs World Network), Toronto, Canada.

Care First for me is synonymous to a world in which people return to their heart. Where the starting point is the heart of every human being. This means that people act from their hearts. And this embraces everything: you, the people around you and the planet. Can you imagine how that looks like? That the choices you make are not only good for yourself, but also for the people around you and the Earth on which you tread? Marinde Hendrikse, organisation specialist, Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

The essence of all decisions people make can be brought back to two extremes. In the end it always comes back to fear or love. Fear at all times will lead to decline, tension and suffering, while love results in progress, expansion and fulfillment. Care First is synonymous with the choosing for love. Care First is not a spiritual jargon, no interesting slogan, a vague concept or just a nice thought. It is a comprehensive pragmatic model. Marthijn Westhuis, digital media specialist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In my 25 years as an entrepreneur, there has been a rule to keep one's heart out of business decisions. Dare to Care boldly disrupts this rule with a vision of finance and economics that integrates heart and mind, left and right brain, and weaves hard economic facts with lyrical poetry. It highlights thriving businesses, banks, and non-profits which employ Care-First vs. Money-First as a long overdue pathway to true sustainability for all people of the world. Leslie Danziger, Co-Founder and Former Chairman of Solaria Corporation, USA.

Care First goes beyond a warm plea to integrate trust, authenticity and spirit into our daily dealings with money. It shows that this is possible and wants to connect like-minded people to collaborate in building a society based  on love. Care First is an inspired invitation to use money as an instrument of love. To build a new economy in which the money serves both humans, nature and our society. Ivo Valkenburg, author van Pure Life - A Plea for  Love as Legal Tender, The Netherlands. 

Louis Bohtlingk has given us all the precious gift of remembering our responsibility to the Heart and Soul of our collective humanity. The Care First message calls upon each one of us to take a deep personal assessment on how we can better harness the life supporting wisdom of the heart to produce a more integral path to a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy. Care First is that road map bringing us this vision of actionable hope! Stuart T. Valentine, Centerpoint Investment Strategies, Fairfield, Iowa, USA. 

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